The Feed the Fight (FTF) program was created in Washington, D.C. by Elena Tompkins and is now sprouting branches around the country.


Feed the Fight Kalamazoo founded by Jodi Hope Michaels, Sally Hadden and Adam Strong-Morse, is based on the Washington DC model to support the greater Kalamazoo area. This effort is built on a straightforward idea: the public donates money to FTF Kalamazoo, the money is used to purchase meals from local restaurants and then the meals are delivered to healthcare workers and first responders. The purchases support local restaurants while providing nourishing meals and a morale boost to those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. And the general public has a chance to demonstrate their gratitude while observing social distancing.


Feed the Fight Kalamazoo operates under the fiduciary umbrella of Colleagues International, a Kalamazoo-based citizen diplomacy organization and 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Contributions to Feed the Fight Kalamazoo are tax deductible.


“Frankly, I’ve been itching to do something as the health situation has spiraled downward and I know many others feel the same. This is it – Feed the Fight Kalamazoo.” 

-Sally Hadden, Co-founder Feed the Fight, Kalamazoo