Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question?  Please check our FAQ below:

How does Feed the Fight Kalamazoo work?

Feed the Fight Kalamazoo accepts donations from the public, uses those funds to purchase meals from local restaurants, then delivers those meals to healthcare workers and first responders in our area. 

Where do I sign up to volunteer?

What's the time commitment if I volunteer?

It varies from as little as an hour or so one day a week to several hours a day or week. We’ll work hard to place you in a team that suits both your skill set and your time availability. There are many types of work that can be done at home. 

I'm a restaurant owner. How do I signup?

If you’re a restaurant owner and would like to discuss participating with Feed the Fight Kalamazoo, please fill out this form.

How do you pick which restaurants to purchase meals from?

We ask restaurants to contact us to participate, by signing up through our website. If you’re a restaurant owner and would like to discuss participating with Feed the Fight Kalamazoo, please fill out this formOur focus is on locally owned, brick and mortar restaurants that have a commercially licensed kitchen. Our goal is to spread the donations we receive to the greatest number of restaurants in as equitable a fashion as possible.  

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes, they are, thanks to the fiscal sponsorship of Colleagues International, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
Did you know that the CARES act [Federal law, effective March 27, 2020] includes a provision that may allow a qualified taxpayer who does not itemize to donate up to $300 to certain nonprofit organizations and have that amount deducted from adjusted taxable income? This is an above-the-line deduction that does not require itemizing deductions. Limits on corporate giving to qualified non-profit organizations have also been increased. Consult a tax professional about these opportunities – this is not tax advice.  

Where are you delivering meals now?

We are delivering meals to Bronson, Community Living Options, Family Health Center, Kalamazoo County Dispatch Authority (911), Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, and Pride Care Ambulance.  

Do you plan to deliver meals to Borgess?

Feed the Fight Kalamazoo began its mission by seeking partnerships with local health providers and first responders, including Ascension Borgess. Many have chosen to partner with us, but others have not. Here is what Ascension Borgess asked us to share:

“Ascension Borgess encourages positive letters, cards, emails or videos be sent to, which are displayed and shared with care teams. Comfort food donations are also very appreciated and are coordinated through the same email address.”

How did Feed the Fight begin?

Feed the Fight as a movement began in Washington DC in mid-March 2020. The idea then spread to other cities, including Durham, Boston, Tacoma, Solano, Kalamazoo, and many others. Although the idea of raising money to buy meals to deliver to healthcare workers or first responders is the core idea of how each Feed the Fight group works, the teams are all independent of one another, and there is no national organization to guide or expand this work. Funds raised locally are spent locally. If you live in a city where you think Feed the Fight should be operating, visit our webpage for more information on starting your own group.  

Who runs Feed the Fight in Kalamazoo?

Feed the Fight Kalamazoo began with Sally Hadden, Jodi Michaels, and Adam Strong-Morse. Sally heard about a Feed the Fight group organizing in Durham NC, she contacted Jodi and Adam, and they agreed that Kalamazoo needed its own Feed the Fight team. Sally is a history professor at Western Michigan University, Jodi is the executive director at Colleagues International, and Adam is a local entrepreneur.  We have more than 35 volunteers working in multiple teams, and as a 100% volunteer organization we could use your help. Please consider becoming a volunteer